Heroism and Humanity Behind German Lines: 3rd Thursday at Hoover's

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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The  Urbandale Public Library is pleased to partner with the Hoover Museum and Presidential Library for this live webinar!  This event is part of the 3rd Thursdays at Hoover's Presidential Library & Museum series. 
This month's program is “Heroism and Humanity Behind German Lines” presented by historian and author Jeffrey B. Miller.
Miller has written extensively on the WWI Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) and will share his insights into Herbert Hoover's humanitarian efforts, delivering compelling portraits of young idealists who interrupted their lives to serve the CRB for no pay.  
To succeed, Hoover and his band knew they had​ to be on the right side of worldwide public opinion: "Hoover's understanding of this concept, and of the way the world's news media worked, would serve him and his cause extremely well from the very beginning," Miller writes.

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Laura Sauser, Community Manager
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